How to Edit Urban Photography – Download Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets Free DNG

The best Lightroom Preset for outdoor portraits on a mobile device. This lightroom mobile preset is incredible, and I’m excited to share it with you. With the mobile lightroom cc app, you may produce an orange and urban tone effect in a single click.

50 Urban Fashion LUTs and Presets Pack

With only a few clicks, you can quickly produce a stunning Cinematic film grade. LUTs for color grading that generate gorgeous, cinematic film tones in your photographs and films. Each LUT was designed to work with a broad range of photos and videos. In many cases, you will be able to acquire a fantastic outcome right away. Adjustments, such as increasing/decreasing intensity, adjusting contrast, and so on, may always be made to fit individual photographs and video clips.

Are you bored of using the same picture effects over and again? It’d be great if you could apply unique effects to your images that made others wonder how you accomplished it! For serious pros, we provide the most extensive variety of LUTs in 2021. You can apply astonishing effects to your images with only a few clicks! It’s that easy!


Urban Lightroom Mobile Preset Free Download

These presets, which were created specifically for portraiture, travel, lifestyle, and anybody who enjoys capturing and sharing excellent photographs, offer your images a dark and melancholy vibe.

Learn how to add rich tones to your images and improve your editing abilities.

These presets are simple to use, and you can fully alter and adjust them to meet your style with just one click.

Please keep in mind that each preset works differently on each image because each image is unique. Make an effort to choose the ideal settings for your photograph.

This preset is only compatible with the Lightroom Mobile App and comes in DNG format.

Lightroom Mobile is the mobile version of Lightroom CC, letting you to use the application on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.



I’ve given you some Urban City lightroom presets. You may change the appearance of your photograph by using these presets. Your photos will seem more professional if you use these Urban City lightroom presets. You may download and use these presets in both the mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom. Aside from that, the Urban City color tone is really appealing. In their photographs, many individuals choose this color tone. If you like, you may apply this Urban City color grading to your image. His 6 You don’t need to learn how to edit. You can easily accomplish this color grading on your photo by downloading our Urban City presets. You may also subscribe to our YouTube channel if you wish to edit manually. On our YouTube channel, you can see how this edit was done step by step. You may also download just presets from this khan if you simply want to get presets. The link to the download is provided below.



Using dng presets – image filters with endless modification possibilities – you can achieve professional picture editing in a fraction of the time. Photo editor presets make each stage of photo editing apparent, allowing you to learn how to do it on your own.
Lightroom gives you the tools to become a more creative photo editor. To reproduce your favorite picture effects, combine dng presets.

Adobe magic allows you to edit great photographs from your smartphone. This program provides you with the greatest editing tools, such as Lightroom CC for PC, as well as the ability to edit raw photographs and create a variety of different sorts of effects. You may use advanced tools like the selective tool, the healing tool, and the geometry tool to alter your shot. You may also take stunning photographs. This program provides you with a variety of presets for various picture effects. Otherwise, you may modify your shot using this photo editing tool using any other presets (DNG).

In a mobile app, Lightroom is always the best for retouching and editing. since it is simple to use Presets make it simple for anybody to alter their images.